Women will be able to freeze their eggs for less than $5 a day using a new high-tech IVF clinic franchise, making the service more accessible to thousands of Australian women.

XY.Life clinics will offer social egg freezing opportunities as part of their new-age approach to changing the way women manage their own fertility.

Young, tech-savvy millennial women are among those who will benefit from XY.Life’s fertility-related public education model. XY.Life clinics will be driven by the latest high tech capabilities, including chatbot and AI at the pre-clinical consultation stage.

The Borderless Healthcare Group, which is launching its XY.Life franchise, says women have been left in the dark for too long, knowing very little about their own reproductive potential, many experiencing infertility as they get older.

Using its high tech interactive model, XY.Life will enlighten and empower all women to be the masters of their own fertility and future families.

Melbourne IVF Specialist Doctor Haider Najjar is one of several Australian Fertility specialists who have signed MOU’s with XY.Life.

Dr Najjar says “Women need to be educated about their fertility window. Too often I see women who have left getting pregnant too late because they didn’t know about the decline of their egg reserves. “

Specialist fertility Doctors will pass on information to girls and women about the amount of eggs they have and how they diminish in number and quality due to age, and other factors including smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet and sleep patterns.

XY.Life will focus on the wellbeing of its clients, encouraging healthy lifestyle and diet as a way of optimising reproductive success.

Founder of Borderless Healthcare Group Dr Wei says “we want to empower women to manage their reproductive assets proactively, before infertility becomes a problem, for some this may mean they choose to freeze their eggs.”

Social egg freezing is expected to become a global trend that will be popular for single women, young couples and those in the LGBT Community with Australian laws allowing donor sperm to fertilise eggs of single women.”

During the first half of 2019, women can start to apply for the XY.Life program at www.xy.life
The first Melbourne Clinic is also expected to open in Melbourne by mid 2019.



An average woman is born with 300,000-400,000 eggs. Eggs will naturally die off such that by menopause about a few thousand poor quality eggs remain.
A woman’s fertility peaks in her early twenties and then gradually decreases thereafter.
After mid thirties, the rate of decrease becomes more pronounced.
Fertility begins to decline for women in their early 30’s. At 40 a woman has a 5% chance of becoming pregnant.
1 in 6 couples suffer from infertility (defined as inability to conceive after 12 months of trying)

Age related infertility accounts for an increasing proportion of couples seeking fertility treatments and in some clinics account for half of those seeking treatment.
Millennials born after 1981 -1996 currently aged between 22 and 37.

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